We are a design based company developing products and systems that meet social, health and sustainability goals simultaneously.

Our products encourage people to drink more water (less sugary drinks!), look after the environment and waterways, as well as reduce single use water bottle waste. Meet PAT products have unique branding panels providing a contemporary aesthetic and marketing opportunity that can inspire engagement in healthy lifestyles, environmental stewardship and promote positive, public messages or initiatives.

Why the name PAT?

PAT is tap backwards. We want people to “meet” the tap. Rediscovering and embracing public water, water stations and drinking fountains as we used to. PAT is about fun, innovative, design and being different.

Developing solution based systems

Designing iconic, friendly, fun, approachable, sustainable products with modern branding and advertising, including manufacturing the world’s best portable event based and permanent water bottle refill stations and drinking fountains. Solutions not products.


Our key focus and business ethos for meet pat is addressing.


// difficulty finding and accessing clean free tap water.


// stigma in using public drinking fountains and “town based” water being not clean/safe – that bottled water is safer.


// environmental damage from plastic waste and transport pollution from single use water bottles.


// overweight and unhealthy people burdening health care system influenced through drinking behaviors.


Download our “about us” Meet PAT brochure (PDF)

Meet PAT is proud to be a member of 1% for the Planet where we donate 1% of our profits to environmental causes each year.

Change the current convenience

If you could find a clean accessible tap wherever you went, why would you need to buy bottled water or sugary drinks? Change the behaviors and help remove the stigma from drinking fountains by providing a interactive, clean and fun way to access water.

Design and Development

Meet PAT was founded by award winning industrial designers Nick Robinson (short Nick) and Nick Roseby (tall Nick). Conceived by a design project, sparked by discussion and innovation and then evolved down a different pathway. We pride ourselves on having a corporation which works around youthful, new age design thinking combined with modern manufacturing.

Meet PAT products are designed, tested and assembled in Australia.