About us | Meet PAT
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Delivering clean, safe water with less waste and a smaller footprint.

Sustainability drives every decision we make.


Our water stations combine smart technology with innovative design to deliver years of value for our clients and their communities. We are driven by purpose before profit, here to make an impact and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

In 2013 we asked, what if high-quality water was more accessible in public places – from schools and parks to major events and growing cities – using a new kind of safe, smart and sustainable water station? One that regulates its supply, meets the highest health standards and is made in our home town. We wanted to create the technology that would meet the needs of our growing cities, our fragile environment, and the health of our children.


So we created the world’s smartest water station.

Designed and made by people, for people.


Our team combine innovation and passion with years of experience in industrial design with international brands. Today, using this knowledge, combined with a fresh insight from our passionate staff, we create market-leading products that add value to organisations and provide safe drinking water.