Refill and save more than just water

Meet PAT is all about making access to fresh water easier and more sustainable. When you refill your drink bottle you do more than just save one plastic bottle from entering landfill. Earlier this year Sydney Water did their bit for the environment by supplying fresh tap water from Meet PAT water stations at the Big Backyard celebrations at Parramatta Park on Australia Day. On the day 35,000 litres of tap water were consumed by thirsty revellers.

The 35,000 litres of Sydney tap water consumed saved 40,000 Kilowatt hours in power (the power used to run a light bulb for four and a half years) and 87,000 litres of water, which would normally be used to produce plastic bottles. 557 Kgs of plastic waste was saved from landfill and people who attended the Big Backyard celebrations collectively saved $52,278 because they didn’t have to purchase bottled water.

– Kevin Young, Managing Director Sydney Water.

By choosing tap water over plastic bottled water, if you drank the recommended 2 litres per day, you would save over the year:

  • 1825 litres of water used in the production of the plastic water bottles (thatbs 7300 cups).
  • 854.1 Kilowatt hours of power used in the production of the bottles, (that’s the power used to run a light bulb for 8541 hours).
  • 11.68 kgs of landfill (plastic bottles take over 1,000 years to biodegrade).
  • $1109.60 over the year.



Source – Sydney Water