We take safety and the quality of water coming from our water stations as an up most priority.

Our products are Australian Watermarked. Why is this important?

It is the mandated Commonwealth requirement to have a Watermark license for the supply of drinking water products.


Parts we use and how they are configured have been tested by an accredited certifying body to ensure they are safe for drinking water. Our factory has been audited, with our procedures, quality controls and documentation accredited.


Australian compliance of products and companies can be reviewed on the ABCB website  Drinking fountains without Watermark certification are non-compliant.


Measures adopted by the USA have stricter lead “free” requirements compared to Australian Watermarking. NSF 372 certification (USD ‘ lead-free’) allows only a maximun of 0.25% of lead in components used in drinking water products where in Australia it is 4%.


Meet PAT is following NSF and have a “brass free” plumbing system.

Meet PAT is currently undertaking WRAS and NSF certification.