Portable Water Bottle Refill Station for the Australia Open Of Surfing Hurley 2015 by Meet PAT

Australian Open of Surfing in Manly

Meet PAT is stoked to be working with Hurley and Hurley H2O at the Australian Open of Surfing in Manly. Not only an amazing event, 100% of profits from the sale of H2O drink bottles and merchandise in the H20 Blueroom will go to Surf Aid Sumba to help bring clean drinking water to Sumba, Indonesia.

Hurley_Meet_PAT_04 Hurley_Meet_PAT_03 Hurley_Meet_PAT_02 Hurley_Meet_PAT_01



Additional pics from Day 1 and Day 2

Sumba Foundation Australia from Sumba Foundation Australia on Vimeo.