Portable Water Bottle Refill Station for Newtown Festival 2013 by Meet PAT

Newtown Festival gets hydrated by Tap and PAT

Wet Wet Wet was the start of the day. Grey skies and wet feet dictated the start to the Newtown Festival, the principal fundraiser for the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (NNC) in Sydney. After the initial damp, the heavens closed, the sun poke through, the bands fired up and the beer tent line started to grow. The Newtown Festival celebrating their 35th year anniversary was in full swing. Sydney Water (take the pledge to drink tap today) along with Meet PAT were very pleased to supply fresh drinking water to the event. No onsite sales of bottled water were allowed and the water stations were put to full use. Meet PAT couldn’t have been happier to support such a fun, clean and green festival. Bring on next year.

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