Portable Water Stations


The amazing portable events based water station system. Quick, single person setup on location.Lightweight with interchangeable advertising and branding space to promote your message. Units can join together in a series to form versatile water walls and hydration stations.


Portable Drinking Fountain


Portable Bottle Refill Station


Portable ICE Box Chiller

Semi-Portable X System

The X system is a semi-portable, interconnecting, branded, large event based system. Integrated metal flooring/ramps, enclosed tamper proof plumbing and the ability to bolt the system down for long term use. A hybrid between our portable and permanent system.


X Drinking Fountain (Bubbler)


X Bottle Refill Station


X The One All in one Bottle Refill Station and Drinking Fountain

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World Class Events

Meet PAT makes the worlds best branded portable water station system. Meet PAT events team and their worldwide partners work with sustainable events and brands who care. Providing premium water products with branding and advertising for events.
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