Bottle Refill Station with Chiller

Model Number: MP-RS-02-C-M (Outdoor Chilled)

Model Number: MP-RS-02-C-ML (Outdoor Chilled with Lighting)

Model Number: MP-RS-01-C-Indoor (Indoor Chilled)

Beautiful, strong and smart. A 1500mm high bottle refill station with chilled water. Next generation premium water. Available in outdoor, weatherproof IP rated construction as well as an indoor, undercover varient. Customisable branding with quick interchangeable panels. A compact, hard wearing drinking water station for public spaces.


Tamper proof, super strong, multiple plumbing configurations with a modular design for ease of servicing and maintenance.

Product Features

Watermark AS4020
Lora Remote Monitoring
Solar Power and Lighting
Designed with DDA features
Bottle Refill Station

Smart Meter – Remote Monitoring
Unit is fitted with a world first remote monitoring technology and software, powered by Meet PAT’s sister company Meeta Co. Designed for smart cities. Connected to the Lora network, providing live park and unit usage data, usage behavior analysis, sustainability reporting, maintenance scheduling and fault reporting.


Tough, Vandal and Graffiti Proof
8mm thick galvanized and powder coated steel/stainless steel chassis hidden within the unit. Graphics panels are mpact proof, 5-7 year UV resistant 6mm poly-carbonate sheeting. External chassis is heavy duty aluminum, anodize or powder coated with dulux industrial coating with marine grade 316 stainless steel components.


World Class Safe Water
Taste and odor free plumbing system with FDA, NSF and AS4020/Watermarked components and water lines. Variety of filter systems available to suit water quality requirements. Supported with innovative hygiene components and features – more on this here

Optional Dog Bowl
Model number: MP-D-DF/SP-01
Dog Bowl with Sub Surface Drainage Pit. World first, lowering, anti-mozzie and stagnant water reducing system. Full details here.

Technical Details


Watermark AS4020

Graphics Panels

High impact, UV back printed polycarbonate

Internal chassis

Galvanized and stainless steel

Outer frame

Anodized and powder-coated aluminium

Working pressure

600 kPA (maximum)

Water connection

1/2 inch supply line with 1/2 inch BSP connection


40 or 50mm PVC


Installation and Maintenance

Meet PAT offers a range of installation and maintenance services. Including plumbing services and ongoing cleaning.

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