Portable ICE Box Chiller

Model Number: MP-PCS-01

Beautiful, durable and modern. The portable ice box is thoughtfully designed for ease of use and simple single person set up.

  • Versatile indoor/outdoor applications
  • Connect to single or multiple units
  • Durable unit and accessories
  • Unique graphic branding potential
  • Drainage point for easy water release
  • Strong shoulder strap
  • Easy to fill, clean and service
Watermark AS4020

World Class Safe Water
Taste and odor free plumbing system with FDA, NSF and AS4020/Watermarked components and water lines. Variety of filter systems available to suit water quality requirements. Supported with innovative hygiene components and features – more on this here

Technical Details

Water Pressure

Max. 600kpa operating pressure


316 Stainless Steel

Shoulder Strap





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