Portable Drinking Fountain

Model Number: MP-PDF-02

Quick, single person setup on location. Lightweight with interchangeable advertising and branding space to promote your message. Units can join together in a series to form versatile water walls and hydration stations. 

Product Features

  • Interchangeable branding panels
  • Durable bag for unit and accessories
  • Drainage system eliminates standing water
  • Stand alone unit or interconnect multiple units
  • Bottle rest / single handed use
  • Heavy duty chassis and internal frame
  • Wheelchair Accessibility – Designed with DDA features
  • One-hand bottle refill
  • Anti-bacterial nozzles
  • Dual sided
Watermark AS4020
Designed with DDA features
Drinking Fountain

World Class Safe Water
Taste and odor free plumbing system with FDA, NSF and AS4020/Watermarked components and water lines. Variety of filter systems available to suit water quality requirements. Supported with innovative hygiene components and features – more on this here

Technical Details


Watermark AS4020

Tapware/Push Buttons

2x Easy press stainless steel (316) buttons | Located on side & top


Powdercoated aluminium


Rotational moulded HDPE


Wheelie bag houses unit and all components

Water Pressure

Max. 600kpa operating pressure

Flow Rate

5L per minute (pressure dependent)


5 micron carbon filter installed as standard

Water Supply Connection

1/2 or 3/4” (Can be connected to a portable water supply or tank)

Water Hosing

Length 10m

Drainage Hosing

Length 4m



Packed size

136cm length x 50cm wide x 23cm high


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