Phone, Wallet, Keys….Bottle.

Do you do this? Every time I leave the house I do the 3 point check…

Phone – Wallet – Keys –

Why don’t we make it a 4 point check?!

If you can aim to carry a small bottle with you every time you leave the house or office, the benefits will be incredible. You will find yourself buying less bottled water, thus helping your back pocket and the environment. You will also subconsciously drink more water instead of sugary drinks thus helping with your overall health. Water is a massive player in the health of your body – it can help with weight loss, the removal of toxins, increase energy levels and maintain immunity, the list is huge.

The environmental damage caused by plastic is mammoth. It’s not only the rubbish you see in the streets during your daily commute, or the discarded bottle washing up in the waves. This is what we see, but there also lies the issue of production and distribution which only adds to the countries emissions and pollution problems…all for a product we don’t even need.

In a world of fidget spinners and selfie-sticks…Bottled water still remains the worlds stupidest product and any little action we can do to reduce the purchase and distribution will be greatly received.


Put a bottle in your car, add a bottle to your handbag or manbag, or just carry a small one with you. You could just become the trendsetter that helped change the world.

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