Plastic Free July

As we are sure you have heard, it is currently Plastic Free July.

This is the month to really grab plastic waste by the balls, swing it around a bit and fling it into another dimension…Get rid of it – We don’t need the tonnes and tonnes of single use plastic in our lives. Im sure you will agree with us that is has gone just little bit too far.

We are in the business of trying to #ditchdisposable and it really is a driving force behind what we are trying to achieve. More Water Stations in public areas equates to less #singleuse #plasticbottles being purchased and eventually ending up in a dirty old landfill or more than likely, our waterways.

We are currently working with our suppliers to decrease the amount of packaging that some of the products are packaged in. We feel that small things like this will have a massive effect on the waste in Australia. If we all move in the one direction, eventually we will be talking about how silly we all were to smother items in #singleuseplastic.


Check out the Plastic Free July website for more info here

#plasticfreejuly #goodcleanfun